Users who support development of Nuvola Player are granted Nuvola Patrons membership and related benefits.

  • If you provide Nuvola Player with credentials to your Tiliado account, it won't show donate bar to ask you for donations

  • While Stable Releases will be always publicly available for free, Rolling Releases are accessible only to Nuvola Patrons. They can try out new features sooner and influence the development.

  • You can be listed as a donor in the right column of the Nuvola Player website (optional, not enabled by default for privacy reasons).

  • If you access Nuvola Player repository with your Tiliado account credentials, we can take into account how many Patrons still use older distributions when we are considering to discontinue support of these old distributions to decrease maintenance burden of the project.

Do you have an idea for another benefit for Nuvola Patrons? Let us know what you want ;-)

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