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Nuvola Apps
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop


Nuvola Apps Runtime is a runtime for web-based music streaming services providing more native user experience and integration with Linux desktop environments than usual web browsers can offer. It tries to feel and look like a native application as possible.

Desktop Integration

Goal of Nuvola Runtime is to provide better user experience and desktop integration than common web browsers can offer.

Music Streaming Services

Nuvola Apps Repository Index provides a complete list of supported streaming services.

Install Nuvola

Nuvola project provides cross-distribution flatpak packages of Nuvola 4.x, which contain all requires dependencies.

  1. Follow installation instructions for Flatpak and Nuvola Apps Runtime according to your distribution:
  2. Then install individual web app scripts of your choice.

Latest Nuvola News

Nuvola 4.10.23 Updates 8tracks, Bandcamp, Google Play Music, and Google Calendar

The latest stable Flatpaks of 8tracks, Bandcamp, and Google Play Music were updated to use Chromium-based backend for music playback without Flash plugin. Google Calendar also uses Chromium engine for better performance and desktop notifications instead of web app alerts. Continue reading this article at Nuvola News.

Nuvola Adds Detection of Headphones and Changes Approach to GTK Theming

The latest stable Flatpaks of Nuvola add a few tweaks. Firstly, Nuvola can detect when headphones are (un)plugged and mute, pause or resume playback accordingly. Secondly, theming has changed: Greybird is used as a fallback theme instead of Adwaita, and Nuvola no longer bundles other GTK+ themes but embraces Flatpak GTK+ theme extensions instead. Continue reading this article at Nuvola News.

Nuvola 4.10 Uses Chromium Engine for Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Mixcloud, and BBC iPlayer to Play Without Flash Plugin

Nuvola 4.10 was released. It is the first release to use a new experimental Chromium backend for five selected scripts to achieve audio playback without the Flash plugin. Continue reading this article at Nuvola News.

Status of Chromium-based Port of Nuvola

As mentioned in the Nuvola 4.9 announcement, most of the energy in the last few months was invested in the Chromium port of Nuvola. This article describes the current status of this ambitious effort: What are the reasons? Does Spotify work? Can Google Play Music and Deezer play without Flash plugin? When can we expect Nuvola with Chromium backend to be released? Continue reading this article at Nuvola News.

Nuvola 4.9 Updates 3 Scripts and Adds Few Tweaks

Nuvola 4.9 was released. It is mostly a maintenance release as most of energy is invested in the Chromium port of Nuvola and the development of other features has slowed down. The current status of this ambitious effort will be described in a separate announcement. Continue reading this article at Nuvola News.

Nuvola 3 to Reach EOL on December 31

As announced earlier, Nuvola 3.0 will reach the end of life status on December 31st, 2017 (two years after the initial 3.0.0 release). The package repository will be discontinued, but the source code will remain available. You can upgrade to the genuine flatpak builds of Nuvola 4 anytime. Continue reading this article at Nuvola News

Our Patrons

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