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Nuvola Player
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop


Although there is a plenty of awesome things to do, the development of Nuvola Player is limited by the project funding. As a result, Nuvola Player has currently only one part-time developer funded from donations.

After a successful payment, you will be contacted by a Nuvola Player developer with an offer of the Patrons membership as an optional reward for your support. If you do not receive an email or message within three workdays, please contact us at Note that some payment options (e.g. Gratipay and Flattr) are anonymous and therefore without the Patrons membership.

Patrons membership

Directly sponsor development of a particular feature

Donations are not bound to any particular feature and the Nuvola Player developer decides what needs to be worked on. However, if you wish, you can contract the Nuvola Player developer to work on a particular feature of your interest.

Contract the Nuvola Player developer


Current Fundraiser
February 2017

Donations received: €61.92
Funding goal: €499.00

Previous Fundraiser
January 2017

Donations received: €173.58
Funding goal: €499.00

You can take a look at previous reports for patrons:

Funded time

What Do You Help to Fund

User Support and Bug Fixing

Good software make users happy and a good developer helps them with their troubles.

Although the ideal places for bug reports and support request are Nuvola Player Users Forum and Nuvola Player Issue Tracker, I also monitor and answer questions at social network pages like Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, I sometimes just google "Nuvola Player" and participate in discussions under articles I have found.

Distributions and Desktop Environments

I want Nuvola Player to provide the best user experience on every desktop

Nuvola Player 3 currently officially supports three distributions (Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora) and three desktop environments (Unity and GNOME Shell). This involves lots of testing of installation and functionality of Nuvola Player in a clean Virtualbox installation, carefully inspecting specifics of the environments (e. g. tray icon is useless in GNOME Shell and Unity, but handy in XFCE) and finding a way how to integrate better with a particular desktop environment, but not to break other desktop environments.

Unfortunately, Nuvola Player is not tested in other distributions and might not work at all or with a suboptimal user experience (e.g. inconsistent look and behavior). I hope I can add support for more distributions (elementary OS, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Linux Mint Debian Edition, Evolve OS, etc.) and desktop environments (Cinnamon, Pantheon, KDE, MATE, LXQt, Budgie Desktop, etc.) in the future thanks to your donations.

Audio Streaming Services

Every audio streaming service should have its Nuvola Player integration script

Nuvola Player 3 currently supports Google Play Music, Grooveshark, Deezer, This is My Jam and Jango. There is a lot of feature requests for new service integrations and don't hesitate to add a new one to the list, because services I'm aware of are likely implemented sooner ;-)

New Features

Users keep providing me with awesome ideas about new functionality.

The Nuvola Player Issue tracker contains a lot of ideas how to make Nuvola Player better and I'm open to new ideas as well.

The Fourth Generation: Nuvola Apps 4

I have heard rumors that Unity Web Apps don't work very well.

I would like to transform the fourth generation of Nuvola Player to a generic web apps runtime called Nuvola Apps 4 that would compete with Unity Web Apps, but would be available also for other desktop environments than Unity and would be better maintained. Are you interested in this idea?

Since I want to be sure that the Nuvola Apps will be properly maintained, development of Nuvola Apps 4 will start only if funding of the project reaches 40 hours (400 EUR) each of the last six month.

Our Patrons

These patrons support development of Nuvola Player. Thank you all!

Bart Libert, Simon Law, Bryan Wyatt, José Antonio Rey, Christian Dannie Storgaard, Cheetah, Ryan Wagner, Chris Beeley, David, Andrew Azores, Andrew Kvalheim, Balázs, Ben MacLeod, Martin Wimpress, Duco van Amstel, David Wiczer, Stephen Victor, Gary Proudman, Nick Turner, Gabriele Martina, James, Jan.

17 patrons wish not to show their name in this list.

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