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Nuvola Apps
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop


Install Nuvola Apps 4.x Rolling Releases

Follow installation instructions at to install cross-distribution flatpak builds.

Install Nuvola Player 3.0 Stable Releases

Add Repository

There are two ways how to add this package repository: using a graphical installer or manually from terminal.

Graphical Installer

The Tiliado Repository Installer is designed for users that are not friends with terminal and prefer easy-to-use graphical installer rather than command-line kung-fu.

  1. Download and install Tiliado Repositories Installer for your distribution.
  2. Launch Tiliado Repositories Installer from applications menu.
  3. Follow instructions.

Manual Way

Power users can add the repository manually. We assume you know location and format of software sources lists used by your system, how to obtain a signing key or to turn signature verification off, if necessary, and how to solve common package management issues. Documentation of your distribution should contain all information that is necessary to learn these skills.

Debian and Ubuntu


  • Add to your software sources list a new file /etc/yum.repos.d/tiliado-nuvolaplayer.repo:
  • Replace <arch> with x86_64 for 64bit systems or with i686 for 32bit systems.
  • Replace <codename> and <component> with identifiers from the list of components bellow.
  • Some repository components require authentication with your Tiliado account.
  • Import PGP key 40554B8FA5FE6F6A.
    rpm --import
  • Update package metadata cache.
    yum makecache fast
  • Install any package you want to. See list of packages to find out what packages are available.


Some repository components require authentication with your Tiliado account.

  1. Use following command to obtain an access token for your account replacing USERNAME and PASSWORD with your Tiliado account credentials:
    curl --data-urlencode "username=USERNAME" \
    --data-urlencode "password=PASSWORD" \
    --data "scope=default"
  2. Prepend string USERNAME:TOKEN@ to the repository's domain name, i.e. becomes
  3. If you are still getting authorization errors, check your memberships.


Nuvola Player Repository is divided into components that might differ in stability guarantee, distribution support and required access rights.

Directory listing

Directory listing provides view of the raw structure of the repository as seen by the package manager of your distribution.

Our Patrons

These patrons support development of Nuvola Apps. Thank you all!

Andrew Allen, Simon Law, Bart Libert, Bryan Wyatt, Christian Dannie Storgaard, José Antonio Rey, Ryan Wagner, Chris Beeley, David, Andrew Azores, Andrew Kvalheim, Balázs, Ben MacLeod, Martin Wimpress, Duco van Amstel, David Wiczer, Gabriele, Nathan Warkentin.

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